Sunrise Acres is about 6 miles
from the north end of Torch Lake.
      Torch Lake is 18 miles long, 2
miles wide at its widest point and is
said to be 330 feet deep.  By boat
you can go through the "Chain of
Lakes."  Bellaire (and Short's
Brewery) is accessible by going
through the connecting lakes and
rivers.  Clam river is on the west
side of the lake and the entrance is
located by Dockside restaurant
(picture below).  Clam river leads
into Clam Lake, then to Grass River,
Lake Bellaire and then into
      Butch's is the place to refuel.  
They are about 5 miles by water
south of Sunrise Acres.
      A lot can be said about the
infamous Torch Lake Sandbar.  A
lot of it is good too.  It is a fun place
to spend some time but it can get
rather rowdy as it gets later in the
day.  If you want to go past the
sandbar you will end up in Torch
River which leads to Lake
Skegamog, then Elk Lake and
finally Elk River to Elk Rapids.
      The sandbar is a little over ten miles from Sunrise Acres
by water.  Just inside the mouth of the Torch River is another
place to get fuel, snacks and even pizza.  This place will even
deliver pizza out to your boat on the sandbar.  If the idea of
getting pizza sauce all over your boat isn't appealing then
you could walk up to the Burger Barge and grab a burger hot
off the grill.  There are an incredible amount of things to do
and see by boat, so take the time and enjoy them.
Torch Lake Information